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Stretch Your Budget
Companies often struggle to balance the need for new technology with budget constraints. Renting via BSS helps stretch budget Rands with monthly repayments.

Assists Cash Flow
Users can spread their payments over the expected lifetime of the equipment, and avoid committing cash to depreciating assets.

Ability to Upgrade Technology as Needed
As your technology needs change, the BSS rental model gives your company the ability to add-on or upgrade your technology when the need arises. With 100% equipment refreshes offered prior to the end of the rental contract, staying ahead of the technology curve is simplified.

Conserve Capital
By renting your technology requirements, the monthly costs become an operating expense so, your cash remains untouched and available for other profitable uses. In addition, renting technology expands your company's financial resources without affecting established credit lines.

Gain Tax Advantages
Many companies realise significant tax benefits from renting their technology. Rental repayments are tax deductible and can be treated as a business expense. Consult your accountant or tax advisor for specific details on this important benefit.

Reduce Up-Front Costs
Conventional bank financing typically requires a minimum balance. With renting, there is no minimum balance or down payment required.

Minimise Risk
When you purchase computer equipment, you run the risk of owning technology that rapidly becomes obsolete. Renting via BSS makes upgrading or adding on to your technology easy.

Finance ALL Technology, Equipment and Service Needs
Renting allows your company to finance an entire solution - hardware, software, peripherals, as well as soft costs like service and installation. We can help your company keep pace with technology and develop a strategy to manage your financial options. Make BSS your technology financing partner.

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